American Federalist Journal
Tuesday - April 23, 2019

Did Bernie Sanders Steal His Wealth?
Mona Charen  Tweet

In 2016 and 2017, Bernie Sanders raked in over a million bucks. Last year, his gross income was down to 1, 293 -- still not too shabby. The point is not to rib the senator about his membership in the top 1 percent, though that's tempting. Nor is it ...

Tiger Woods Is Back. Told You So
Larry Elder  Tweet

History books are full of Act ...

Criticism of Ilhan Omar Isn't Incitement
Ben Shapiro  Tweet

Speech is not violence -- and violence is not speech. Equating the two is the hallmark of a tyrannical worldview: If I can treat your speech as violence, then I am justified in using violence to suppress your ...

Some Things to Ponder
Walter E. Williams  Tweet

There's a push to change laws to permit both criminals serving time and ex-criminals the right to vote. Guess which party is pushing the most for these legal ...

Notre Dame: An Omen
Dennis Prager  Tweet

Twitter Ain't America
Mona Charen  Tweet

An appropriately Twitteresque meme circulated recently on that platform: Write a sad story in just three words. This was an homage to Ernest Hemingway, who, challenged to write a sad story in only six words, grabbed the nearest blank paper and ...

Progressive 'Christian' Hypocrites
Erick Erickson  Tweet

Buttigieg thinks the President does not behave as one who believes in ...

Leftists Whipping Themselves Into a Jacobin Frenzy
David Limbaugh  Tweet

There's no question that animosity exists on both sides of the political spectrum, but have you noticed how personal it has become for many on the ...

Millennials for Socialism
Walter E. Williams  Tweet

The promises of socialism sound wonderful and caring, but in reality, wherever it has been tried it has been a true ...

Are Women Malcontents?
Dennis Prager  Tweet

Biden and the Problem of Touch
Mona Charen  Tweet

"If I profane with my unworthiest hand "This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this: "My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand "To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss." -- William Shakespeare. "Romeo and Juliet," Act I, Scene 5 Joe Biden's ...