American Federalist Journal
Monday - October 21, 2019

The Rise of Young Black Conservatives
Larry Elder  Tweet

This past weekend, I spoke for the second time at the second annual Black Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C., hosted by Turning Point ...

Woke Capital Has Exposed Itself
David French  Tweet

Left and Right suddenly agree on the hypocrisy of corporate ...

Make Satan Great Again
Kevin D. Williamson  Tweet

Down with these lesser ...

Quid Pro Quo and Extortion: Welcome to Foreign Relations
Andrew C. McCarthy  Tweet

A president's management of foreign policy and his political interests naturally ...

The Flagrant Distortions and Subtle Lies of the '1619 Project'
Rich Lowry  Tweet

Nikole Hannah-Jones isn't remotely honest in her lead 1619 essay. ...

Everybody Is Tipper Gore Now
Kevin D. Williamson  Tweet

The moralistic busybodies were wrong in the Eighties. They're wrong ...

If the House Won't Vote, Impeachment Inquiry Is Just a Democratic Stunt
Andrew C. McCarthy  Tweet

It is not for the Speaker and her adjutants to decree that there is an ...

Will the Justices Be Bold on Abortion?
David French  Tweet

The Supreme Court will hear the most important pro-life case in a ...

The Two Government Paternalisms
Kevin D. Williamson  Tweet

Protective tariffs and entitlement programs are two sides of the same lousy ...

Do Republicans See the Strategy to Discredit the Barr Investigation?
Andrew C. McCarthy  Tweet

Democrats and their media friends are attempting to paint the Barr investigation as a corrupt extension of a down-and-dirty Trump 2020 political ...

Who Cares About You?
Walter E. Williams  Tweet

California Takes Righteous Aim at the NCAA Cartel
David French  Tweet

The NCAA runs a monopoly that refuses to compensate its most important workers fairly and often treats athletes substantially worse than their student ...

Keep It Steady and Cool with Iran, America
Victor Davis Hanson  Tweet

And keep pumping that American oil and ...