American Federalist Journal
Wednesday - June 20, 2018

The Commencement Speech You Never Hear
Mona Charen  Tweet

My youngest son's college graduation ceremony was scheduled to be held outdoors. The invitation specified that it would be moved inside to the gym only in the event of "severe" weather. As it turned out, the day was unseasonably cold (low 50s) with ...

A Conspiracy of Idiocy
Erick Erickson  Tweet

Many people sleep better at night convinced of a malevolent conspiracy of sinister forces running government than realizing government is composed of incompetent bureaucrats protecting their ...

In Calling MS-13 Gang Members 'Animals,' Trump Was Kind
Larry Elder  Tweet

Good for him for not backing down and for shining a light on an outrageous ...

Marginalizing Melania
Michelle Malkin  Tweet

Kanye and Democrats
Walter E. Williams  Tweet

How Identity Politics Is Harming the Sciences
Heather Mac Donald  Tweet

Universities and other institutions are watering down requirements in order to attract more women and ...

Making Sense of Eric Schneiderman
Mona Charen  Tweet

The former attorney general of the state of New York allegedly had a pattern of slapping and choking women with whom he was intimate. He also spat at them, demanded threesomes, insulted them, threatened them and called one (who had dark skin) his ...

Denying Trump's Accomplishments Is Increasingly Irrational
David Limbaugh  Tweet

Some people still can't stomach the idea of a Donald Trump presidency and so remain in denial about his mounting policy successes, but their resistance is looking increasingly proud and ...

Death by Conformity
Erick Erickson  Tweet

The Boy Scouts of America have always been a pretty explicitly faith-based ...

Before and After Welfare Handouts
Walter E. Williams  Tweet

Before the massive growth of our welfare state, private charity was the sole option for an individual or family facing insurmountable financial difficulties or other ...