American Federalist Journal
Wednesday - June 20, 2018

The Day the Iran Deal Died
Ben Shapiro  Tweet

Team Obama lives in a world of ...

The War on Wisdom
Dennis Prager  Tweet

Nobel Talk
Mona Charen  Tweet

If President Donald Trump's incendiary threats have actually frightened the "dear respected comrade" Kim Jong Un into laying down his nuclear arsenal, he will deserve the Nobel Peace Prize his fans are demanding. But the suits in Oslo might want to ...

Sorry, Liberal Media, But You Own Michelle Wolf
David Limbaugh  Tweet

Michelle Wolf is not the first so-called comic to maliciously insult conservatives and Republicans at a White House Correspondents' Association dinner, but she was intentionally mean-spirited, and even after the blowback, she's ...

Upstream From Culture
Erick Erickson  Tweet

In the book "After the Ball," psychologist Marshall Kirk and ad man Hunter Madsen painted a picture of what the gay rights movement should do to normalize and advance their agenda in ...

The 'Uncle Tom' Card Is Dead
Michelle Malkin  Tweet

Surveying this short list, you'll notice that all of us public enemies of the progressive diversity-mongers possess an incredibly diverse array of life and work ...

Colleges: Anti-Diversity and Pro-Exclusion
Walter E. Williams  Tweet

Just within the past week or so, some shocking professorial behavior has come to ...

Ironic Consequences of Europe's War Guilt
Mona Charen  Tweet

Adam Armoush is, for the moment, the most famous Jewish victim in the world -- and he's not even Jewish. He's a 21-year-old Israeli Arab who was visiting Berlin with his friends and decided to test their suspicions that it was unsafe to don a kippa ...

Joe Biden, Dems and the Race Card: They Don't Leave Home Without It
Larry Elder  Tweet

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently told MSNBC's Rev. Al Sharpton that the GOP wants voter identification laws for one ...

Who Controls Your Kids' Lives?
Ben Shapiro  Tweet

Former Republican Sen. Phil Gramm of Texas was fond of telling a story about his time stumping for educational ...

Playboy Comes to D.C.
Mona Charen  Tweet

Playboy Enterprises just announced that it has purchased a table at this year's White House Correspondents Association dinner. Swell. Just what we need. The dinner, as you've probably heard, is an annual ritual of narcissism in which leading press ...

The Fall of James Comey
David Limbaugh  Tweet

I originally assumed that former FBI Director James Comey is an honorable and truthful man who was striving to be objective and avoid undue political ...

Comey Tells Ex-Clinton Aide Stephanopoulos That Trump Is 'Morally Unfit'
Larry Elder  Tweet

But Comey tells Stephanopoulos that Trump is "morally unfit to be ...