American Federalist Journal
Thursday - November 21, 2019

The GOP Won't Win Over African-American Voters If It Doesn't Even Try
Kevin D. Williamson  Tweet

If only out of narrow self-interest, the party ought to appreciate that even a respectable losing margin among them could be a game-changer for ...

The Problem with President Pence
Rich Lowry  Tweet

Would Republican senators really engineer their own party's ...

The Crazy CrowdStrike Conspiracy Theory
Jonah Goldberg  Tweet

The suggestion that 'the server' is being hidden in some Ukrainian warehouse is straight-up ...

Two Extraordinary Moments in Congress
Erick Erickson  Tweet

This past week, the House of Representatives descended into parody, which is hard for it to ...

My New Book: 'Guilty by Reason of Insanity'
David Limbaugh  Tweet

While Trump-haters keep obsessing over his tweets and "manners," we are witnessing the Democrats' ongoing rejection of President Donald Trump's constitutional right to govern and the people's sovereign choice in electing ...

Malkin: 'Laura Loomer for Congress'
Michelle Malkin  Tweet

In a country of 325 million people, can't we just have one elected official on Capitol Hill with the guts to call out the rest of the swamp ...

Our Untenable Alliance with Turkey
Victor Davis Hanson  Tweet

Turkey opposes, if not detests, almost every American ally in the region, and befriends almost every U.S. ...

Bring Impeachment into the Light
Kevin D. Williamson  Tweet

If Congress is to substitute its judgment for the electorate's, let the people see ...

Democratic Debate: 10 Questions Left on the Cutting Room Floor
Larry Elder  Tweet

The New York Times and CNN co-sponsored the recent Democratic presidential ...

The 'Lynching' Controversy and the Death of Common Language
Ben Shapiro  Tweet

In the United States, we're watching our shared language ...

US in Moral Decline
Walter E. Williams  Tweet

Universities Breed Anger, Ignorance, and Ingratitude
Victor Davis Hanson  Tweet

In turning out woke and broke graduates, they have a lot to answer ...

Elizabeth Warren's Financial Berlin Wall
Kevin D. Williamson  Tweet

She proposes to lock in high-earning, highly taxed Americans, penning them in order that they may be shorn and milked as though they were ...

Once Upon a Time, an American Athletic Star Bombed the Chi-Coms
Rich Lowry  Tweet

Ted Williams did his duty to his ...

Small Policy Tweaks Won't Fix Facebook
Kevin D. Williamson  Tweet

The social-media giant's immediate problem may be Elizabeth Warren, but its long-term problems are deeper and entirely ...

The Trivialization of Impeachment
Andrew C. McCarthy  Tweet

It has consequences that threaten ...

Gigabytes of Virtue-Signaling
Heather Mac Donald  Tweet